Pampers v Huggies

Pampers v Huggies

Diapers! A topic I’ve waited almost a year to write about so I can be as accurate as possible.

Huggies wins. For me, it’s pretty simple. I have given different Pampers diapers tries over time and they just don’t do as a good job as Huggies do. I’m not saying all Huggies are better than Pampers but I’ll tell you that the best Huggies diaper (which is Huggies overnites) are better than the best Pampers diaper.

From her birth, I’ve tried Pampers swaddlers, Pampers pure protection, Pampers baby dry and my daughter has made a complete mess in all of them. She’s leaked with her pee-pee, she’s done #2 right through them, they wiggle, they move. You have to be on top of it changing it after every one time he/she goes to avoid getting their pants wet.

Huggies overnites holds so much more and I’ve never had her leak out of them, going to the bathroom neither #1 or #2. And I don’t just use them for overnight, I use them as her go to diaper because they are that good.

I have tried Huggies little movers and Huggies little snugglers and they are not so good. I think Huggies little movers and Pampers baby dry have to be the worst.

I still haven’t tried Pampers Cruisers 360, but I’m not really willing to either considering I’m extremely happy with Huggie’s overnites. Right now she’s using size 3.

My daughter drinks a lot of water, and she eats mostly pureed fruits and vegetables on top of all the breast milk, so she’s constantly wetting her diaper. I change several diapers a day, but it really helps to have one that can hold out as long as possible for when I’m swamped with work or have a busy day out. It also makes a big difference in your laundry for that week.

What is your experience using different diaper brands? I know there are so many other options out there. What are your favorites?

Baby’s first steps, teeth and everything else

Baby’s first steps, teeth and everything else

I think back to when my LO was around 4 months old, I was googling anything and everything.  Trying to find out when she’d grow hair, when she’d get her first tooth, when she’d start crawling, when she’s start walking even.

There’s all these websites about “hitting milestones” and it makes you have thoughts about whether your baby is below average, average or above average in hitting them.

Throw all that out the window.

I have learned through multiple parents that none of these websites that explain milestones matter.  Some baby get their first tooth at 14 months, some babies start their first few steps at 15 months… it’s all relative.

Wherever your baby is in life is just fine.  The only thing you need to be conscious of, is that your baby is a happy and healthy baby and so are you mama!

My daughter started sitting up completely on her own at 4 months.  Everyone was like wow, that’s so early!  She said her first mama around 4.5 months and everyone was like wow that’s so advanced!

Well guess what?  She started crawling late into her 9 months, really about 10 months. Even then, she was doing a worm type of crawl. Around 10.5 months, her first tooth popped out and it’s still not completely showing.  She just now (at 11 months) started pulling herself up and sitting back down, walking on her walker by herself and drinking out of her sippy cup when she feels like it.  So I’m like whatever right, when it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen!

Your baby is perfect and unique just the way he/she is.  Parents who stress too much about milestones are just causing unnecessary stress for themselves and you don’t want that energy around your little one.  I have parents telling me that they are holding note cards up with numbers and the alphabet for their babies starting at 6 months.  Lol!

I know that I for one, can definitely wait a couple of months before I have to start chasing my daughter everywhere because she’s so mobile.  Everytime I take her to the pediatrician, he tells me she’s super healthy and that’s the most important thing I can ask for.

Your baby is learning from all their surroundings.  Taking them outside, them seeing dogs play at the dog park, them going to the grocery store, the mall, being around other kids and/or your family.  They learn by just playing with your bedrooms spring door stop.

Unless your pediatrician tells you something specific about your baby, I’ve learned to let all these milestones go.  My daughter wasn’t sipping a sippy cup or showing any teeth by 6 months, she wasn’t crawling at 7 months, she’s almost 12 months and not close to walking by herself… and I’m as happy as I can be.  She’s got a full head of hair that stands straight up and a toothless smile and she is my everything !<3