How to tell if your breast milk has gone bad

How to tell if your breast milk has gone bad

When I first gave birth I knew right away I wanted to breastfeed as long as possible. This came with 101 questions and more. Luckily I had my doula to help me along with several questions and now I’m going on 7 months of breastfeeding/pumping.

One of my questions was about keeping breast milk out vs putting it in the fridge vs freezing it. I didn’t want any of my liquid gold going bad because I wasn’t sure how long I would have a supply for. 
You’ll know if your milk has gone bad by the smell, but if you still can’t tell..

The answer to that question was simple. Babies won’t drink the milk if it’s bad.

If you try and give your LO milk and they reject it, rest assured that you can throw it out. 

(FYI: this may happen anyway if you have too much citrus in your diet or something else your LO doesn’t take a liking to. I learned this by being sick and stocking up on lemon juice, grapefruit juice, orange juice, emergen-c and my LO was not having it those couple of days.)

Other than that.. your milk stays good in the fridge 3-5 days after you pump. And it stays good anywhere from 3-12 months in the freezer depending if you have a small, normal or deep freezer.

My advice is just date and freeze the milk after each pump. You’ll want to take as much air out as possible when sealing.  Then you’ll want to lay your bag flat in your freezer until frozen and then reposition them upright to conserve space so that they’re like little files. 
It takes about 3-5 minutes of running it under hot water to get it to a temperature similar to it coming out of your breast. 

Make sure not to give it to your baby a second time if he or she doesn’t finish your frozen breast milk.  Once unfrozen, you give it to your baby and if he or she doesn’t finish, you throw it out!

My favorite milk bags are the NUK storage bags and the Lasinoh storage bags.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or answer any questions you may have!

Congested baby (without a cold)

Congested baby (without a cold)

My 6 and a half month baby girl has been through the worst of congestion. I hear from everyone it’s normal for babies to get congested because their nasal passages are so small, but she has been through it really, really bad. I’m thankful it’s never associated with a cold, but it breaks my heart when she can’t breathe or nurse because she literally can not breathe.

I had a hard time finding any online help with congested without a cold. I had to really dig deep and ask my pediatrician (a Chinese practice doctor who has an eastern medicine way about things.)

Here are the things that have worked for us, if your little one is congested:

  1. Drink straight lemon juice with cayenne pepper once daily. I mean a lot of lemon juice and a lot of cayenne pepper. (This is for breastfeeding mamas only. Whatever you ingest, baby ingests in a small form and I truly believe this has helped my LO)
  2. I use Zarbee’s Naturals Soothing Baby Chest Rub on her chest (not touching their nipples), on her back and back of the neck and on the soles of her feet with socks over it.
  3. Boogie Saline Nasal Drops (I prefer these over any others due to their ingredients) in combination with a Baby Nasal Aspirator. My preferred choice is NoseFrida by Fridababy. Some parents prefer the bulb syringe but when your baby kicks, screams and cries the way mine does, I can’t help but to think its too rough for her — she doesn’t get that way whatsoever with the NoseFrida.
  4. Wrap your little bundle at night so they’re nice and warm, put an extra blanket on them, and lay him/her upright.. at about a 25 degree angle. They fall asleep just fine as long as their snuggled and bundled up.
  5. Put on a space heater if you have one and a humidifier. Yes, the heat dries the air, but it also makes the boogies come out of your LO.. and the humidifier moistens it. I got my humidifier on amazon after trying 3 or 4 and returning. I love this one because it’s big enough to last all night on full blast, it’s easy to refill and clean and you can use the mist nozzle to direct it where you want.
  6. Take a hot steamy bath with your LO or…. what I prefer because I don’t like taking her wet out of the shower, is putting her jumperoo in the shower (or any upright toy/chair you may have) and hanging out with her in the bathroom as it fills up with steam. When my LO was bouncing like crazy in her jumperoo in our steamy bathroom, all the mucus and snot was just falling out of her nose on to her jumperoo cushion, which I then washed and dried.
  7. Give your LO some organic chamomile tea, start with about 0.5oz of warm tea in a dropper. (This is for babies 6+ months)
  8. Nurse, nurse, nurse. Our bodies are amazing machines and knows what your LO needs through his/her saliva entering your nipple. The more your nurse her the more your milk will change to thin her mucus up and clear her congestion.

My fiancee suffers from congestion (without ever being sick). Every morning he wakes up a little congested no matter where we are living, no matter what the season is, it’s just how he is and how his dad is too. My LO may have gotten those same genetics and it’s important to know how to deal with them in the most beneficial way for your baby, rather than just giving baby OTC meds or infant tylenol.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, how you deal with your LO’s congestion, if any of my suggestions work for you or if you have any questions!